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Create a unique bond with your audience, build your own subscriber base and strengthen your growth strategies beyond Google and Facebook.

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Leave flat and cluttered email newsletter behind

Smarten up your newsletter. We send to your readers exclusive email newsletter digests of your new posts based on their interests. Clever!

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Don’t let the competition get in the way of victory

No one likes coming second. Outwit your biggest competition, we help you deliver to the right audience your latest news before anyone else does.

Understand trends

Understand your audience and follow the trends across your site

Learn from your audience by getting unique insight about their interests and passions. Publish for your readers and match trends across your site.

Secure contacts

Secure your contacts, you own every precious bit of user data

You can be confident growing your subscriber base with us knowing that exporting your user data from News@me is simple and straightforward.

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Case study: The Galileo Case.

Read on How a publisher can build a new source of traffic and an active user base in 11 months.

In this article you'll learn...

How one publisher used News@me to boost its audience by increasing its subscriber list and its returning traffic.

Why creating a new approach of a personalized newsletter can make a better reader experience.

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High-quality mailing list and automated targeted newsletter. A new source of traffic you own and much more for your editorial activity.

Subscription invitation

Email signup form

Give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your articles and topics. A simple signup form with a minimalistic design at the end of each article. Create a unique bond between your readers and your editorial activity based on something valuable: their interests, passions and curiosities.


Audience segmentation

Accurate audience segmentation

We introduce a new criteria for segmenting your online audience: interests and passions. Grow your audience and build high-quality mailing lists based on the topics your readers are interested in the most.


Targeted newsletter

Automated targeted newsletter

Create a unique experience for your readers. Subscribers receive updates on articles and topics of interest through an elegant email digest. Invite your readers to return to your site and read new articles about their interests, put their passions at the center of your conversation.

News manager

News manager for your readers

Let your subscribers choose which articles to get in the email newsletter digest, day by day and if their passions and interests change..your newsletter digest changes too! The News manager is a simple and intuitive service offered for free to your subscribers.


Editorial activity analysis

Take a careful look at the traffic and the number of subscribers who return to your site. Plan ahead your online editorial activity with the certainty of knowing in advance the degree of involvement and interest of your readers, topic by topic.

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Your first 7 days are free, cancel at any time — no hassle and no questions asked.

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