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Many professionals and website owners get frustrated because their websites are SEO optimised and full of valuable content, they receive traffic indeed, but they don’t convert.

Perhaps you are one of those, your analytics’ scenario is clear: many visitors, high bounce rate and low, if not nonexistent, goal conversion.

What can you do? Sometimes the solution is easier than you think. With a few tricks and can change the destiny of your website once for. Discover what are the unseen missed opportunities you are missing out on.

5 things you should be doing right now to convert website visitors

Here five common problems of website and five simples changes to implement to increase your conversion rate and get more leads.

1. Missing call to action (CTA)

This is a VERY common problem, we expect customers to take action on our website when we don’t ask them to do so. It’s unrealistic. Adding CTAs at the end of blog posts and at the end of each page of your website is the best thing to do, ask them to do what you want them to do straightforwardly.

2. Lack of on page contact form

Have you ever tried to embed the contact form directly on your page rather than linking to the contact us page? This will straight away give you some more leads as there are sometimes people get lazy and they don’t want to click on a new page.

3. Missing offer

Are you giving to your potential customers at least a good offer they cannot refuse? For example, a deal of the month or a free sample or some sort of discount? Well, if you do already, make sure you do it properly. Add your landing page to the main menu of your website or on the home page: it must be easily discoverable.

4. Lack of sign up forms

No wonder that email marketing is a powerful way to get your message in front of your audience, so you should maximise this chance by increasing your database. Add an exit pop up window for example to foster people to sign up to your newsletter, with the promise of great discounts or benefits.

5. Missing Live Chat

People are busy nowadays, sometimes they want quick answers and a live chat is often the best way. Make sure you have someone available to answer right away, in fact, a live chat can be a double edge sword: it gives you the possibility of immediate contact, but also the risk of irritating the customers by delaying your answer.

Now you know what to do, it’s time to test if these five suggestions will work for you as well, look at your conversion rate in analytics and see if this improves at all after you implemented them.

Good luck and remember:

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso


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