Audience segmentation

We introduce a new criteria for segmenting your online audience: interests and passions. Grow your audience and build high-quality mailing lists based on the topics your readers are interested in the most.

Optimize your content strategy

Maximize the commercial impact of your content. Create and add News@me topics to your posts, smart metadata that help you to use and produce content in ways that are meaningful to your audience.

Add topics to your posts

Collect meaningful signals

Our effective email signup form invites readers to subscribe at the end of your post to the topics you added, when they’re feeling great about your work. We enable you to collect comprehensive signals from your audience on the content they actually care about.

Subscriptions by topics

Accurate audience segmentation

We segment your audience upon your defined topics and help develop content strategies that are more efficient with a target audience based on interests and passions through our targeted newsletter digests.

Accurate audience segmentation

Rich subscriber profiles

Get unique insight about interests and passions of your readers. Our subscriber profiles offer real-time information about individual subscribers and the topics they subscribe.
We’re able to deliver these information to you thanks to our innovative News manager offered for free to every subscriber.

Rich subscriber profiles

Anytime data takeout

Grow your subscriber base with us knowing that exporting your user data from News@me is simple and straightforward. Start building your own subscriber list with us, export it at anytime.

Data takeout

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