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What’s a blog already?

Wikipedia notice: “A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).”

A blog is an easy-to-target audience

You like sports? You love soccer?! You are a tech junkie and are aware not only of all the trends but also all of the upcoming ones?! Blogs are definitely a go-to-source of targeted-specific-news for whoever wants to go deep in a study of a subject.

You care about the protection of the environment? Nutrition? Are you looking for news about this new magical diet? Chances are the first links that will appear on “the” Google will redirect you to a blog managed by an expert in his field.

Wait… A blog is a difficult-to-target audience

Blogs are all about passion, interest and curiosity! And serendipity obvisouly… That’s the reason why services and apps such as Digg, Flipboard and certainly Twitter help tremendously bloggers to growth their audience! I won’t write here about this phenomenon that I called the fragmentation of the news consumption, I already wrote an article that you can find here 😉

The sad news here is that if readers have no interest in your subject, you will never be able to reach them!

This is also why interaction and the relationship between the blogger with his readers is much stronger than any so-called bond between readers and their newspaper turned into news website. They interact, comment, like, hate, share, ask more questions, better questions toward most of the time to a single person that they know the name, the face and even the lifestyle!

Blog, like newsletters and emails should have disappeared…they are more accurate than ever

Few years ago when social networks were not yet called social medias, their rise were making everyone to predict that sooner or later, they were going to be able to replace traditional emails and that blog will disappear… What’s the point of creating a blog and setting up a newsletter when you have micro-blogging for everyone?!

I’m not going to explain to you the evolution of these past few years, we all have been both spectators and actors of those changes in our way to communicate and share our lives and news from all around the world with families, friends and total strangers.

Why News@me is perfect for bloggers

Bloggers are publishers! Before writing and tell stories, you have to live these stories and, even if you have writing skills superpowers, we are all the same: we only have 24h in a day. Our time is limited so you need to think and act like an engineer to automate the segmentation of your audience. News@me identifies, curates and automates for you and your fans (the readers) what they like the most about your blog and your posts. They receive directly in their mailbox the content which they will like the most. Content that you’ve created!

Our audience is your priority. News@me only delivers what’s best for your readers!

LAST CALL: bloggers, you already have so many things to manage, let News@me take care of this sh**!

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