What is the open rate and click to rate of a newsletter?

This is a classic question that those who work with newsletter and with email marketing in general ask quite often.
From the data given by MailUP, from June 2011, taken from more than a million emails sent, it’s clear that the open rate of newsletters doesn’t exceed 31%, and particularly in the B2C sector (including online news) is at 11%.


From our tests we see that to increase the open rate of the emails it’s important that the user is aware that the they are receiving news that is relevant to their interests (think about receiving a mail from a friend).
With News@me we have been able to bring some users up to an open rate of 37%, 26 percent more than the average calculated by MailUP.


Obviously also the CTR is also influenced by the relevance of the news that the user receives, and we can boast average rates of over 40%, even though they are not comparable with the data from MailUp, as the CTR is calculated in a different way.
We calculate the CTR as a percentage of clicks divided by the number of emails opened, multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.
It seems more appropriate to calculate the CTR with the openings because it is only when an email is opened that the articles are evaluated by the reader and it is there that the effect of News@me become clear because it manages to give the authors the ability to send news that is more closely related to the interest of the user.

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