All the Presidents men
All the Presidents men

“We need an expert”

In today’s job market and especially the working world of journalism, standing out among the rest is essential. In the past several years, along with the rise of social medias, there has been a major shift in the area of journalism. In fact we don’t even have to make the difference between journalism and online journalism like we used to do a few years ago, boundaries just disappeared, the two concepts have merged.

Thanks to Twitter (mostly), readers and consumers are gravitating toward the words and the work of individuals rather than media organizations. Readers, customers, viewers identify themselves more easily to someone made of flesh and bone than to an institution that appears too impersonal. But not everything has to be rejected in this new form of interaction. It demands for institutions more awareness about their own brand and individuals, more responsibility about what they write and what they say. It also represents a new opportunity for media organization to create a new kind of relationship with their viewers and readers.

Like in any other industry, developing a personal brand is essential if you ever wish to stand among the crowd. If you want to earn or improve your ability to identify who you are, what you believe in, where you want to go and what to focus on, here’s a little guide to start:

Simple guidelines

Set up an exquisite professional page on Linkedin first! Linkedin has so many features and advantages. It allows you to show your degrees and diplomas proudly earned, to showcase your professional experiences as well as your references and credentials and most importantly what you have accomplished and what you are looking for. Linkedin is the biggest professional social network on the planet. Go further! Establish your writings, pictures or any other content by starting a blog, building an online portfolio.

Multimedia storytelling is “THE” effective way to market yourself to readers and potential employers.

Go to meetings!

Allow your story to make you stand out from the rest and always remember to interact with your readers. However, do not underestimate the importance of real life networking. Set up online in a few minutes concrete business card of yours. They have never been so essential and relevant today in our digital world. You are much more than a few pixels!

Be specific!

In any newsroom or editorial room, every time (sadly) a plane crashes itself, we hear: “we need an expert in aviation” . Every time a banking system or a website gets hacked, “we need an expert in computer security”, every time… you get my point. How to achieve being expert at something?

Be true to your inner self

Simple enough right? It is the best way to build a personal brand. If you are a natural outgoing person, incorporate those qualities in all aspects of your life. You are a journalist, your work is your life, whether you want it or not! If not, you’re just on the wrong career path.

Identify your values and passions. You should be in love with writing. However, identify what else is important to you and let that be known to your readers. When readers feel as if they can identify and connect with the writer, a network of trust creates itself.

Consistency is clarity

Create a domain name and keep it consistent across all these platforms. Consistency means clarity, for you and everyone else. It makes it easy for readers and employers to find you and remember you.

In other words

Like any others things: building a brand, and especially yours, takes time! But you need to start right now, slowly but surely if you want to make sure to be invited, being asked and recommended for any opportunity out there to write an essay or / and to participate to an online, radio or television debate.

Good luck on the field!

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