This blog post is the second part of a three parts article about Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the US 2016 presidency

Flat design, flat campaign?

As soon as Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy, the official logo appeared everywhere and some folks had the idea to create an entire alphabet from the “H” of Hillary

On the same topic, I also recommend you to read this great article on Gizmodo by Alissa Walker, these people are writing much m

The Fantastic 4

or should we say the “Essentials 4”:

  • Her team is going to use Facebook (a lot)
    Like Nicolas Sarkozy during the french 2012 election campaign, her team uses at its full potential the Facebook life timeline to highlight her milestones from her birth to the 2016 presidential campaign through her time at the first lady of Arkansas and US first lady
  • Her team is going to use Twitter (obviously)
    Hillary Clinton has a Twitter account since the time she was Secretary of State… and she just knows how to nail it with this kind of description soooo…. twitteresque!

”Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate. Tweets from Hillary signed –H”

– Her team is going to use YouTube (no kidding?) And the all editorial line can be synthesised this way: “This is not about me, this is all about you”. In her first video where Hillary announces her run, we don’t see and we don’t even hear from her before the seconds. We get it, she doesn’t want to make the mistake of 2008 when haters were calling her “self-centered and arrogant”

Hillary for America’s official website

From now on, it is simple, flat and elegantly designed but not very filled. Obviously we are at the very beginning of the campaign and the shite should see itself filled with much more content following Hillary Clinton’s many speeches, announcements and road trips that she will make during the next months.

What about email?

We all heard about the last “Clinton scandal” concerning the emails she deleted when she was Secretary of State, more on that here.

Since then, she launched her campaign via social media and also uses email a lot. Once you signed up on the official website, you will receive approximately every two days an email from Hillary’s team to let you know about a specific topic. So well done that you think Hillary Clinton is talking to you personally in a very informal way.

But she will use Meerkat, Snapchat, and Periscope… will she?

Well, well, well, as usual, political people wants to seem cool, on the track, aware of any new trend and tool. Be seen as an early adopter is definitely a political asset in the communication war where every party fight but as citizens and voters get more and more mature about the use of social media, so Hillary and her team will need to be careful about them.

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